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Ice Fishing Basics For Fun and Adventure

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Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a centuries old pass-time that is done for sport, recreation and survival. All a person needs is ambition, courage, patience, skill… and it doesn’t hurt to be an early riser!

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Ice fishing is a dangerous sport no matter why you are doing it and as with all outdoor activities and sports proper safety precautions should be strictly adhered to. The most important thing to remember when ice fishing is that no ice is one hundred percent safe ever. An ice fisher must always be on the keen look out for signs of weak ice and should never attempt to trod on ice that is less than 4 inches thick. Be familiar with the area you will be fishing and also be sure to know the fish and game rules pertaining to ice fishing in your state. Also, you will need to familiarize yourself with rules that apply only to certain bodies of water. In all the states fishing licenses are required and many rules vary from place to place, it is imperative to always be familiar with the rules where you are fishing.

Gasoline powered ice augers are available making perfect holes to fish easy. If a manual auger is more your speed they are also readily available and at a fraction of the cost. Tip ups, live bait, hooks, fishing line and proper outer gear will be needed.

Always be ready for shifts in weather and go ice fishing prepared to be cold. Any experienced ice fisherman knows wind coming over ice is it’s own degree of cold. Bring onto the ice a warm drink as well as a decent supply of water, high energy snacks such as fruit and jerky will prove useful as well.About cordless drill ice auger

Early risers seem to have the best luck and are known to be on ice the moment the law allows in the waking of dawn.

Live bait is often used, be it fish or worms. The sparkle of a shiny feeder fish often catches the big lake fish’s eye.

When a fish hits your bait, a bright flag will spring up from your prepared tip ups and you’ll call out “fish-on”. No excitement compares to when fish are hitting as the sun peeks out, and you are waiting to meet what lies under the ice. It is of no wonder so many are hooked.