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Division 2 Football – Great Competition and an Opportunity For You to Play College Football

Not all great college football is played at the Division 1 level. In fact, Division 2 football is extremely entertaining to watch and very competitive. These players may not be as big as their Division 1 counterparts, but they are usually just as talented and skilled.

To reach the highest levels of college football, you need great size and strength to go along with your talent and skills. Many talented high school players are simply just not big enough or fast enough to play at the highest level, so they end up at the Division 2 level.

Some of the power house teams in Division 2 football are not household names, but if you get the chance to get out and watch these teams play, you’ll quickly realize how high the talent level is. Here are the top ten teams from the last poll taken in December 2008:

1. Minnesota-Duluth 15-0
2. Northwest Missouri 13-2
3. Grand Valley 11-1
4. Abilene Christian 11-1
5. North Alabama 12-2
6. Delta State 10-2
7. West Texas A&M 11-2
8. Pittsburg State 11-2
9. California 12-2
10. Chadron State 11-2

Division 2 football is considered by some football fans to be the absolute best football  แทงบอลออนไลน์ action to watch. The reason? Unlike trying to get up close to the action at the Division 1 level, you can usually get right down on the field level of these games (as long as you get there early) and therefore really get a feel for the speed of the game and the athleticism of the players.

If you are a high school football player and playing at USC, Florida, Oklahoma or one of the other big name schools doesn’t seem to be in the cards for you, start looking at some of the Division 2 football programs and what they can offer you. These schools need great players and many of these coaches would love to hear from you. Write up your athletic resume, start sending it out, and you could end up playing division 2 football.

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