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Conditioning – The Five Dot Drill and Other Ways to Help Your Football Games

Wikipedia define”Tailgate” (or”Tailgating) as having a drink with friends or eating occasion that is located in the back of one’s vehicle or wagon, or even an SUV. Thank you Wikipedia for the definition! However, I thought I’d give a more precise definition…drum roll…TAILGATING is a huge Fat Party!

The best tailgating happens during college or professional football games, however is possible to do it at any time. Professional tailgaters strive to create the most lavish location for their event. As I’ve done my fair share of tailgating I thought that it’d be right to share my opinions about how to properly tailgate.

For a truly memorable tailgating event, you’ll need the following things:

1. Barbeque Grill (charcoal, lighter fluid and grilling equipment) 2. Radio for pregame broadcasts
3. HD TV to stream the game’s pregame
4. Folding Chairs as well as Folding Tables (depending upon the amount of people who are following)
5. Ice
6. Ample supply of Cold Beer
7. Soda
8. Water (hydration is the key)
9. Plenty of great food (you may decide whether you’d like to go Bobby Flay style or merely hamburgers and dogs – however, this is crucial to ensure there’s plenty of food available and don’t forget the bread!). Don’t forget to bring snacks. All great tailgates include snacks prior to the sausages and burgers cook on grills.
10. Plates and napkins (optional)
11. Find and put on each piece of clothing that you have with the team’s logo
12. Decorate your vehicle, SUV or truck with แนะนำเว็บแทงบอล magnets flags, team colors or any other decorations
13. Trash Bags (if you plan to be at a party, learn how to clean up when you leave)
14. Wet Wipes and Paper Towels
15. Generator (this could be overdoing it, but you don’t will)

After all that writing is it still fall so I can put my grill set for NFL tailgate football season? I can’t wait. While you’re the tailgating is in full swing, there’s a brand new website known as Sportsfananza that lets you transmit text messages when you’re tailgating (or any moment for the matter) and then upload your videos of sports fans you’ve seen while your tailgating.